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Domobar Super Espresso Machine

Domobar Super

At home commercial espresso machine. For those who truly know a good coffee machine.


About this Machine

100% Italian made, this is a machine of authenticity.

Domobar espresso machines have heat exchange to ensure consistent 92 degree coffee temperature, along with the most powerful steam pressure in its class.This eye catching beautifully formed machine will give you flavour, aroma & velvety milk like no other. You’ll be proud of this purchase.


Dimensions:27cm(W), 41cm (H), 53cm (D)
Boiler volume:2.7 Litres
Element:1800 Watts
Water Tank Volume:2 Litres
Colour:Stainless Steel
Features:E61 Group head designed by Carlo Valente.
Incredible thermal stability 10% of 1 degree shot after shot.
Switchable main water connection or water tank option
Brass rotary vane pump
Made entirely from commercial parts
Out steams every espresso machine in its class.


Get coffee on the regular. Choose the blend, weight, and grind type. Select how often you’d like it delivered and we’ll get it to your door.


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