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Mazzer Mini Manual - Front
Mazzer Mini Manual - Back

Mazzer Mini

This powerful Italian home “mini” grinder will out perform its size.


About this Machine

This mighty mini made in Italy with 100% commercial parts.Perfect for home grinding…. You won’t be disappointed.Steel body & can impress you with in Silver, Black or White options. Ready to blend into your home.

The MINI MAZZER earns CoffeeGeek’s first ever 10 out of 10 rating. This is the ultimate in espresso grinders for the home.


Recommended kilo’s per week:8 kg
Blade change:300kg
Grinding speed:80g / min
Motor speed:1400 rpm
Hopper capacity:32kg
Burr Size:58mm


Get coffee on the regular. Choose the blend, weight, and grind type. Select how often you’d like it delivered and we’ll get it to your door.


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