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Working With WILDLIFE

Why have we partnered with Working With Wildlife?

Africa and all its inhabitants is a passion of mine & has remained as such for the last 10-years. Having personally spent much time in Africa as well as time at Khamab working with/for ‘Working with Wildlife’, I have seen the amazing work they do for animals and the areas inhabitants.

  • Velvet gives .40-cents for every bag sold regardless of size. And for 3kg, $1.20 is given, along $1.20 for our chocolate.
  • Velvet will be depositing the funds on a monthly basis. Whatever has been purchased will be listed and sent directly back via a report.
  • The money raised, 100% of it is for the animals and the local population. No admin costs like most charities, so the money will go a long way to help.
  • To learn more about the amazing conservation work this Conservation property does, visit Khamab

Why have we changed from “Sheldrick Trust” to “Working With Wildlife”?

After 7-years of our assistance Sheldrick is now so well supported. “Working With Wildlife” is also doing its share of the heavy lifting & needs a share of our love to assist their conversation work. We know them well & it makes us happy to partner with such a wonderful crew, doing the utmost for our beloved animals in a stressful world we can somehow soften some of the burden with Velvet’s support.


 “To preserve African biodiversity by developing a sustainable model which prioritizes biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, driven by responsible tourism practices and strategic grants, that converts individuals into advocates through active engagement in hands-on conservation initiatives, thus securing the future of Africa’s precious habitats and fostering a harmonious coexistence between wildlife, local communities, and tourists for future generations to come.” 


Preserve biodiversity in Africa by connecting ordinary citizens with hands-on conservation initiatives through tourism, education, advocacy, and research. 


  1. Promote biodiversity preservation in Africa. 
  2. Connect ordinary citizens with hands-on conservation initiatives. 
  3. Develop and support tourism initiatives that contribute to biodiversity preservation. 
  4. Provide educational programs to raise awareness about conservation and biodiversity. 
  5. Advocate for policies and practices that protect wildlife and their habitats.
  6. Conduct research to advance scientific knowledge and conservation efforts. 
  7. Foster collaborations with local communities, organizations, and stakeholders for effective conservation. 
  8. Measure and monitor the impact of conservation initiatives on biodiversity. 
  9. Enhance public engagement and participation in conservation activities. 
  10. Secure funding and resources to sustain conservation projects and initiatives. 


 Conservation Initiatives: 

 Community Engagement: 

Tourism and Sustainability: 

Education and Awareness: 

Advocacy and Policy: 

Research and Innovation: 

Collaboration and Partnerships: 

Impact Monitoring and Evaluation: 

Funding and Resource Mobilisation: 

Implementation and Evaluation: 

Communication and Outreach: 

Capacity Building and Training: 

Collaboration with Indigenous Communities: 

Long-term Sustainability: 

Through effective implementation, this strategic plan will help achieve the mission of preserving biodiversity in Africa and connecting ordinary citizens with hands-on conservation initiatives. Through the above-mentioned strategic plan, we can make a significant impact in biodiversity conservation, education, advocacy, research, and community engagement, thereby ensuring a sustainable future for wildlife and ecosystems in Africa. 

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I currently roast out in Waihi, with a 15 kilo Petroncini (my little girl “Audrey”), sweet outer, warm inner, full bodied with a lingering finish & balanced acidity –she provides a perfectly roasted bean.

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