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I currently roast out in West Auckland, with a 15 kilo Petroncini (my little girl “Audrey”), sweet outer, warm inner, full bodied with a lingering finish & balanced acidity –she provides a perfectly roasted bean.

Half Pull Harry Blend


Ideal for people who want their coffee half empty of caffeine but still delivers the flavour


Single Origin Decaf

Single Origin of the Month – (ORGANIC) ETHIOPIA SIDAMO – GUJI


Second Crack Coffee

Second Crack

The silky smooth flavour of this coffee delivers every time.


Fair Trade Organic

The blend delivers notes of hickory and flashes of dark cherry with well-balanced medium acidity.


Swiss Water

Swiss Water Colombian Decafe

The perfect choice for decaf drinkers who want a full-bodied, flavourful cup of coffee without the caffeine.


Crack Chocolate

Crack Fair Trade Drinking Chocolate

This drinking chocolate has the ultimate taste. (Dairy Free also available)