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I am Stuart, here’s my story.

I set up Velvet coffee Roasters in 2008 in order to create a unique artisan coffee company and sell only to passionate coffee operators, who care about every part of the coffee making process and deliver a complete “Love In A Cup” coffee experience.

Coffee Experience.

My back story served me well – 12 years in the wine industry and as you’ll know an exceptional palate is required to work out the “best of the best”. This is where I refined my palate. I was also lucky enough to work under a well renowned coffee connoisseur who honed in on my skills and helped me develop even more, he had an uncanny amount of knowledge and to this day it still astounds me. I continue to share this knowledge for the greater good of coffee – a gift I am very thankful for.

My palate became more refined, so I started cupping and creating coffee blends and won my first New Zealand Coffee Award in 2008, one of the most prestigious awards at the time – which I am still proud of today.

We roast in Waihi, with a 15 kilo Petroncini (my little girl “Audrey”), sweet outer, warm inner, full bodied with a lingering finish and balanced acidity – she provides a perfectly roasted bean.

Not only do we care about coffee but we do our damndest to keep “Sustainability” & “Animal Welfare” at the forefront of what we do as well.

Our packaging we use is through Innocent Packaging. Cups lids, moulded carry trays, ice beverage clear cups & lids and more important that cheeky bottom paper wipe (toilet paper) – ALL MADE FROM PLANTS. As quoted by Innocent Packaging “Living in the future”. The practical use of waste products, the ability to isolate starch molecule and sustainable agriculture have transformed disposable food packaging into an industry beyond oil. Everything we make at Innocent we can unmake, everything is simply made from plants.



These are made available to Velvet client sites and each sack (gold coin each) again is contributed back to the David Sheldrick Trust.


40c per bag of coffee sold by Velvet goes directly to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Africa).

Courier Bags

All our courier bags are home compostable and we repurpose boxes – anything to help mother earth.

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I currently roast out in Waihi, with a 15 kilo Petroncini (my little girl “Audrey”), sweet outer, warm inner, full bodied with a lingering finish & balanced acidity –she provides a perfectly roasted bean.

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