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Domobar Junior Analogic

This line is designed for coffee connoisseurs who want to enjoy the perfect cup in the comfort of their own home.


About this Machine

From the entry level to the top end, all the machines in this line have an E61 group head, so you can enjoy coffee at home just as you would in your favourite cafe.

The mid-range Domobar machine is ideal if you want the right balance between coffee dispensing and milk frothing.

In New Zealand every new Domobar comes with a second set of magnetic side panels (colour of your choice to compliment the factory stainless panels)


Group Head:VBM – E61 in chromed-brass, with mechanical pre-infusion chamber with manual controls (lever). Filter diameter 58 mm
Coffee Boiler:1.1 L
Water Supply:Sensor tank
Water Drain:Drawer
Heating Element:1600 W controlled by a solid state relay
Dimensions:width 250mm / height 420mm / depth 430mm / weight 26 kg
Included in the box:Instruction Manual / single and double handle / Blind Filter / Pulycaff detergent
Interface:60Ø Double scale pressure gauge


Get coffee on the regular. Choose the blend, weight, and grind type. Select how often you’d like it delivered and we’ll get it to your door.


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