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Single Origin of the Month – Rwanda Cyato Washed


For use in

Espresso, Filter, Plunger, Stovetop

Rwanda Cyato Washed

Tasting Notes: Soft apricot, floral, lemon and lime, black tea, brown sugar

Additional info: Tropic Coffee Company Ltd is a family-owned business founded in 2015, with a focus on supporting farmers.  The owners previously worked with farmers and noticed a growing need to better support farmers.  The company values transparency towards partners, clients, and farmers, who are grateful that coffee washing stations are built with the distance required to travel in mind.  What sets this company apart, is they operate in three different regions of Rwanda, ranging at different altitudes, climate, soil, and rainfall.  As such, the organoleptic composition of their coffee profile has an interesting variation.  They process coffees using fully washed, natural, honey and special experimental lot using natural anaerobic fermentation.

Tropic Coffee considers bees and other pollinators as essential players in food production.  For a long time, the bees’ role in coffee production have never been considered, until recently.  The native honeybee existing in Nyungwe forest where Cyato coffee is grown have created a unique profile for this coffee, as during pollination bees leave vital microorganisms, giving the coffee a more uniform size and yields better flavours.  Furthermore, research revealed that bee pollination can increase the yield by 36-50%.

Nyamasheke district, western province of Rwanda

Acidity: Gentle well balanced acidity

Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1900 – 2200 masl
Aroma: Hint of Citrus and toffees

Body: Clean, smooth body

Aftertaste: Lingering black tea finish







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